Natural Skin Is In

Natural Skin Is In

Freckles. Bare under eyes. Big brows. All natural everything.

In recent years, trends seem to have taken a turn from all makeup all day (which is awesome in its own way, no shade, I promise!) to none. And not the “no makeup” makeup look, but a true celebration of bare skin and products that make it possible. 2021’s “skinimalism” gave way to this year’s “status skin” trend, a focus that promotes showing off a healthy, fresh-faced glow.

Even celebs embraced this incredible, au naturale moment and there’s no question, we’re baring all these days. So, why not join in? You might’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: Uncovered is all about easing skin care worries so you feel unstoppable — whether you step out the door makeup-free or tell your partner to leave the lights on. We champion celebrating the skin you’re in. Glamour put it this way, and we agree: “It's not about hiding ‘imperfections.’ Blemishes and eye bags are fair game. It's about really deeply, conditioning skin, then elevating it with illuminators, glowy coverage and straight-up serums.”

So how do you get your own glow? Skin care. Serums, highlighters, and illuminators make features pop, but the key is caring for your skin so that luminous, healthy quality isn’t an add-on, but something that’s coming from within. Let’s break it down. Here’s my 5 tried-and-true tips for skin that’ll have you reaching for your phone and snapping away.


    You’ve probably heard it a million times: wear sunscreen. I’m here to say it again. Wear sunscreen. When? In the morning! Make it the next layer after your moisturizer for a redness-free face that’s also protected. A personal tip: don’t neglect your lips. They’re often forgotten when it comes to SPF so make sure they’re protected too!


    Cleansers are a must-have and have a mild exfoliating effect by nature. But if we’re talking faces, I can’t live without my exfoliating gel. It’s gentle but so effective. Also known as a gommage (from the French “gomer” meaning “erase”), these best-of-both-worlds products fuse mechanical and chemical exfoliation in a way that’ll leave your face feeling ridiculously fresh and soft. Trust. 

  3. GUA SHA

    Just hear me out on this one. Those funky-shaped crystals you can find in most beauty aisles these days aren’t all hype. Using one of these tools (with the correct facial massage moves) is said to reduce puffiness, relieve feelings of facial tension, and even soften the look of wrinkles. While I can’t vouch for the latter, the de-puffing power had me sold and eyeing my incredible-looking profile all day. More on this trend steeped in tradition here.


    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know by now that the “acid” buzzword in skin care should excite not scare. And, while there’s a ton to choose from when adding to your routine, salicylic acid is a personal recommendation. Often found in cleansers and toners, this clarifying element keeps your face clean and radiant by clearing out pores. Say goodbye to whiteheads and blackheads.


    Gift sets, kits, sets — there’s a million names and kinds. A kit full of essentials makes getting that glow easy by taking the guesswork out of shopping. If you’re new to skin care routines, need a full reset, or just aren’t a shopping fan, kits are your answer. But if you just can’t give up your holy grail moisturizer (guilty as charged), try looking for kits that include only the products you do need. Failing that, grab individual products that fit your existing routine.

These tips (and the awesome ingredients in Uncovered Skin Care too!) can help give you that bare-faced beauty you won’t be able to resist showing off. So, try one or all five and see what caring for your skin can do to help you get your glow on, inside and out.

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