What Line Is Right For Me?

What Line Is Right For Me?

A choice made simple.

You’re surrounded every day with decisions. What should I wear? Should I eat in or dine out for lunch? What work out should I do? What show should I watch? And these are just the small, everyday issues.

Skin care is a necessity. Your skin needs a daily dose of cleansing, moisturizing, toning, and protecting, and it needs it now. Uncovered Skin Care is made for all skin types and has products available in two distinct collections. This way, you can get everything you need, from morning until night.

We’re simplifying your routine with just four steps, so you can spend less time stuck in the bathroom and more time enjoying the skin you’re in.

Both lines include a 4-step skin care routine. Begin your regimen with Refreshing Cleanser to exfoliate and leave your skin feeling fresh. Next, hydrate with Balancing Toner to balance your skin’s pH level and help other products penetrate deeper into skin. Then, treat your eyes to the Hydrating Eye Serum to replace lost moisture. Finally, apply the Advanced Moisturizer to give your skin a boost of hydration.

Just pick between Firm & Smooth and Soothe & Protect. Here’s a breakdown of the differences in the lines, so you can enjoy happy, healthy skin.

Firm & Smooth

This collection is formulated with select ingredients that fight fine lines and wrinkles for visibly smooth skin. Get a soft, touchable texture with this 4-step routine and treat your skin to the benefits of botanicals and nourishing ingredients.

Soothe & Protect

This collection is made for those who want smooth, calm skin, while reducing irritation from shaving. Like the Firm & Soothe line, each product is packed with botanicals and nourishing ingredients for young and healthy skin. The game changer in this line is allantoin. This all-star ingredient conditions your skin and leaves it feeling irresistibly soft and smooth.

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