Caffeine In Skin Care

Caffeine In Skin Care

Caffeine can do for your skin what it does for the soul on a sleepy, slow morning: wake it up. Caffeine has become an increasingly popular ingredient in skin and body care, ranging from anti-cellulite creams and wrinkle-reducing products to face masks and brightening eye creams. If you ever wondered why this magic ingredient is showing up in more and more products, we have your answers.

It's an Antioxidant

A little-known fact about our favorite waker-upper is that it is also an antioxidant! Antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals – molecules that break down collagen and cause fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. By stabilizing free radicals through skin care, antioxidants shield the skin from oxidative stress, allowing the skin cells to heal and regenerate at a quicker rate.

It’s a Vasoconstrictor

A vasoconstrictor allows blood vessels to restrict or tighten, which reduces blood flow and makes the skin look brighter and smoother. If you’re looking to treat skin redness or rosacea, opt for a caffeinated cream containing vasoconstrictors.

It Aids in De-Puffing

Caffeinated products help with microcirculation, which constricts the blood vessels and helps temporarily reduce discoloration in the skin. This means no more dark circles and under-eye bags after a long sleepless night. If under-eye bags or discoloration in the skin is due to genetics, caffeine is not likely to help.

It Soothes Inflammation

Research suggests drinking caffeine can reduce inflammation. So just imagine what it can do when applied topically. Caffeine can help reduce redness and soothe skin inflammation caused by sun exposure but if you’re concerned about your skin, you may want to stay out of the sun in general.

Caffeine’s primary skin care benefits boil down to element protection, anti-inflammation, and increased circulation. The downside of these benefits… they’re short term! Just like a cup of coffee, the perks of topical caffeinated products only last a few hours. If you’re looking for a temporary, yet quick fix, caffeine is the ingredient you should look for in your next purchase.

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